Cash Access with American Express

A service to provide worldwide cash access for your Card Members


Through our bank partnerships, American Express can provide your Card Members access to more than 1.2 million ATMs worldwide.


If you are an ATM Acquirer, we have the tools to send American Express Card Members to your ATMs, helping drive traffic and revenue for your business. These include: 


  • Raising awareness of Cash Access through American Express
  • Marketing campaigns and assets
  • Translation services
  • Adding your ATM locations (and company logo) to our ATM Locator
  • Driving traffic to your ATM


Application processes, cash limits and ATM functionality may vary from market to market and card type.


Sometimes, only cash will do and in some parts of the world cash isn't just a convenience, it's a necessity. Making sure Card Members have the choice to use Cash wherever they are is a key advantage that American Express offers.


Through our studies¹, we have found that Card Members who use cash also generally use their Card more often.


¹ 2013 Amex study into cash user behaviors.


We can support your business with the following:

This is a web based tool, which allows Card Members to locate the nearest ATM to them, anywhere in the world.


  • ATM Acquirers: We can add your ATMs to the tool and drive traffic to them, while raising your profile (through the addition of your company logo to the site). We can also add additional languages to this tool.
  • Issuers: The ATM Locator is a great customer service tool, allowing customers to self serve and reduce call volumes into your call centers when customers are searching for ATMs.


Click here to access the ATM locator.


A promotional video is available above, which can also be translated to meet your requirements. 

We have a variety of imagery and copy available, which can be used to communicate the cash message to your customers, including banner ads, which can be used to simply raise awareness of ATM access or drive traffic to the ATM Locator.

We have a template cash microsite, which gives Card Members details on cash access at ATMs, including FAQs, cash limits and fees and a link to the ATM Locator. We can help you create something similar if required.


Translation services are available across all channels.

Product Availability

Cash Access is globally accepted and is available across all¹ Card portfolios including:


  • Consumer
  • Corporate
  • Business
  • Prepaid


¹ Except Gift Cards

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