Mobile Point of Sale Solutions with American Express

Mobile phone, tablet or dedicated wireless device solutions for Merchants seeking simple, flexible, secure alternatives to accept payments.


Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) technology represents an exciting opportunity for smaller Merchants to expand their payment acceptance options and for Merchants seeking more flexibility and mobility than traditional point of sale set-ups.


mPOS solutions can comprise of hardware devices or accessories such as card readers that are paired with a smartphone or tablet via a payment software application, so it’s enabled to accept payments.



of payments via mPOS devices expected in 2022.


Source: “Juniper Research – Payment Trends Report", December 2019


Flexible: Meets the need for a broad range of Merchant segments including mobile businesses, client sites in the field, or staff mobility to accept payments from anywhere in the store.


Simple: Provides an alternative for Merchants who cannot rely on landline communications, or a fixed location solution.


Secure: A secure card reader is used to encrypt Card information, so the data is more secured.


Enhanced Customer Experience: Expands the Merchants’ acceptance offering to accept different forms of payments.


Device Security in the App: Merchants download an approved, secure payment application and uses an EMV/PCI approved card reader such as a Secure Card Reader for PIN (SCRP), if the PIN is to be entered on the Merchant’s mobile device.


Secure card reader: The reader ensures that the Card data is encrypted and secured. An SCRP may also be used to encrypt the Card Members’ PIN allowing the PIN to be entered directly on the Merchant’s mobile device.


Fraud Prevention: PCI’s new requirement for attestation data was initiated in order to prevent applications being compromised. The vendor or partner for the payment application and back-office system monitor and report back frequently to ensure the application’s transactions have not been compromised.


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Getting started

For Merchants:

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For mPOS providers:

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How it works

  • The Card Member presents their EMV chip or contactless Card.
  • The Merchant enters the transaction details into the app.
  • The Card Member inserts their contact Card or taps their contactless Card on the card reader accessory.
  • The Card Member may be required to re-present a contactless Card for a contact transaction (due to issuer limit rules).
  • The application may prompt the Merchant to obtain the Card Member’s signature on the Merchants mobile device screen or for the Card Member to provide their Card PIN on the card reader or directly on the Merchant’s mobile device.
  • Once the sale is complete, the application prompts for the Card Member’s receipt choice (email/SMS).
  • The Card Member provides an email address or phone number.
  • A digital receipt is sent to the Card Member.

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