Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Offer your customers convenient, touch-free ways to pay


Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) technology offers Merchants more flexibility and mobility than traditional point of sale setups enabling them to accept payments from anywhere. There are a variety of mPOS options to suit Merchants’ unique needs, and American Express works with mPOS providers around the world to ensure their devices and payment applications meet our security and Global Network acceptance requirements, as well as industry standards such as EMVCO and PCI.

The Evolution of mPOS

Mobile Point of Sale solutions have evolved over the years from hardware / software hybrids to now software-only—which represents an exciting time for Merchants. Software Point of Sale, or SoftPOS, enables a Merchant to quickly download an app, and in minutes they’re able to accept contactless payments on their mobile phone or device—without the need for additional hardware. Customers can tap their contactless Card or phone on a Merchant’s device and pay in an instant.  It’s a game changer in a world where cleaner, touch-free payment methods are imperative. 



Flexible: Meets the need for a broad range of Merchant segments including mobile businesses, client sites in the field, or staff mobility to accept payments from anywhere in the store.


Reliable: If Wi-Fi is unavailable, a good data connection will ensure you can accept payments when you need to.


Contactless: Solutions like SoftPOS enable Card Members to tap their contactless Card or device to a Merchants device—touch free for faster, cleaner payments.


Secure: mPOS and SoftPOS solutions adhere to industry security standards such as PCI and EMVCo.


Enhanced Customer Experience: Enables Merchants to offer their customers a variety of convenient ways to pay.

Next Steps

mPOS / SoftPOS Providers

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American Express can put you in touch with providers who offer a variety of mPOS solutions to meet the unique needs of Merchants.


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