Integrated Payments Providers Program


The Integrated Payments Providers program is designed to help third-party solution vendors develop, certify, and market their products or services that are compatible with American Express requirements. The program provides a central point of contact for technical and specification guidance, certification assistance, and production support.

The program helps better serve and foster relationships with the organizations that service American Express Merchants at the Point of Sale (POS) in the form of software, products, and services. Through this initiative, it is our goal to provide clear insight and direction for future interactions with American Express.


Test Card, Certification Requests and Questions?

Please contact the Payment Vendor Relations team for your requests and questions here.


Get to Market Quicker

A clearly defined approval process facilitates the development and implementation of solutions that comply with American Express requirements.

Clear Contact Points

Engage American Express product owners, access American Express requirements, and learn best practices for implementation.

Increase Your Visibility

Approved vendors will appear on the Integrated Payments Providers list on this web page—an invaluable resource for Merchants and Acquirers seeking solutions. 



Grow your Payments Solutions business with American Express as your partner. We provide the powerful backing you need to be ready for the future.

POS Devices

  • Traditional
  • mPOS and SoftPOS
  • Online PIN
  • Contact
  • Contactless


  • Website Payments
  • In-App Payments
  • SafeKey/3DS
  • Card-on-File/Recuring Billing

Host Platforms

  • Authorizations
  • Submissions
  • Direct Connection
  • Online PIN
  • Raw Data/Reconciliations

Become an AMEX Enabled Service Provider


Register Company

  • Register your company with the AMEX Enabled program.
  • Provide company details and main company contact information.
  • Accept Non-Disclosure Agreement and Terms and Conditions.

Integrated Payments Providers List

View a complete list of American Express Integrated Payments Providers.



For additional information about the Integrated Payments Providers program and the registration process.