AMEX Enabled Program

To review and approve all provider products or services for use on the American Express Global Network


Issuers, Acquirers, and Merchants who work with American Express often need third-party products and services to enable the payments process such as card manufacturing, personalization and embossing services, mobile handsets, and Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices. The AMEX Enabled badge signifies that a product or service meets American Express security and compliance requirements and is approved for use on the Network.


The AMEX Enabled Program¹ is designed to:


  • Facilitate the review of products and services for use on the American Express Global Network
  • Help Issuers, Acquirers, and Merchants identify reliable products and services—all in one place—that comply with American Express standards for use on the American Express Global Network




¹ The AMEX Enabled designation identifies third-party products or services that meet American Express requirements. Any listing, designation, approval or certification by American Express does not constitute a guarantee, endorsement, or warranty of a third-party's product, service or performance. Products or services will require certification to be allowed for use by an Issuer, Acquirer or Provider on the American Express Global Network.

Solution Provider Benefits

The Program offers:

  • A clearly defined approval process to facilitate the development and implementation of reliable and secure solutions that comply with American Express requirements
  • Clear contact points to engage American Express product owners, access American Express requirements, and learn best practices for implementation
  • Awareness and communication of AMEX Enabled products and services to Issuers, Acquirers, and Merchants on the Global Network website


Providers have registered for AMEX Enabled

AMEX Enabled Solutions

The tabbed area below shows the current selection of products that are part of the program. Click on each tab to find out more and to view lists of AMEX Enabled Solutions.

3D Secure (SafeKey)

American Express SafeKey® leverages the industry standard technology making it fast and easy to implement for Merchants, by enrolling through a 3DS Server (Merchant Plug-In – MPI).  A seamless interaction between the 3DS Server (MPI), the Access Control Server (ACS) and the customer prevents unauthorized online use before it happens, by confirming the Card Member’s identity through a one-time passcode or other authentication method.


For a list of EMV 3DS approved SDK products, please see EMVCo website (


Please see Resources section below for SafeKey Provider enrollment instructions.

Click to Pay is enabled by the EMV® Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) technical standard and allows industry players to create a more secure and consistent consumer checkout experience across digital channels, including mobile apps and browsers. American Express leverages the standard to provide Secure Remote Commerce Initiators (SRCis) with  a consistent approach to easily connect to the American Express SRC System.

The American Express Token Service (AETS) connects Card Issuers, Merchants and Service Providers to mobile and digital payments using next-generation Token technology to enhance checkout experiences.

Solutions to help with issuing plastic cards:



Personalization services load Card Member data on to the magnetic stripe and the EMV chip.


Chip Supplier

The microprocessor chips that are produced for embedding into EMV chip cards.


Card Manufacturing

Production of physical card plastic for American Express Cards.

Download the document below for more information:

Solutions to help with mobile payments


Mobile Handsets


Mobile phones that are NFC-enabled for use as a payment device.


*** Note To Handset Manufacturers for all Handset and Device Certifications ***


Effective March 14th 2016, EMVCo will launch the initial activation of Mobile Product Level1 Type Approval Phase 2. The second phase expands the scope of level1 testing to include (i) HCE execution environment, (ii) Handset performance (UICC only), (iii) Handset interoperability testing and, (iv) Multiple execution environment testing. Therefore all handset certification requests should be directed to EMVCo from this date by contacting


Mobile Secure Elements

Secure, tamper-resistant elements that store Card Member information and payment software, enabling the mobile phone to function as a payment device.


Mobile Trusted Service Managers (TSMs)

TSMs work with issuers to provision Card Member data and the American Express contactless payment applet onto the Secure Element.


Mobile Host Card Emulation (HCE)

Solutions that allow for Card Member information and payment data to be stored outside of a Secure Element by using software to emulate a physical card when making secure NFC payments.

Solutions to help Acquirers or Merchants with Point of Sale terminals


Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

mPOS refers to either a handheld terminal/payment device or a smartphone/tablet with supplemental hardware (i.e. card reader or pin pad) and/or software to process transactions.


Contactless Terminals (Level 2 Expresspay)

Point of Sale (POS) terminals that are developed to support American Express’s contactless solution, Expresspay.



Payment Service Providers, Processors and Aggregators form an important part of the Acquiring payments flow by providing key services to Merchants.


Integrated Payments Providers

These vendors provide Point of Sale (POS) software, products and services to American Express Merchants. Types of vendor include: Merchant Servicers (MS), Independent Software Vendors (ISV), Integrated Point of Sale Vendors (iPOS), Value Added Resellers (VAR), Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) and Encryption Services Organizations (ESO).


Click here for more information.



American Express’ transit solution includes contactless and mobile NFC enablement using Expresspay specification, authorization, and submission messaging for the transit environment.

Payment processing platforms used by Issuers or Acquirers


Acquiring Platforms

Payment processing platforms that can be used by acquirers.


Issuing Platforms

Payment processing platforms that can be used by issuers.

Please use the link below to access a full list of PCI Security Standards Council CPSA companies that have been qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council to conduce PCI Card Production Physical, Logical and provisioning security standards.   

To view a list of the pre-requisites for a new test lab registering for these products, please see the ‘Test Labs Registration Pre-Requisites’ document in the Resources section.


To view a list of our Accredited Labs, please view the document below:

Laboratories conducting services for chip card, mobile, HCE and POS products.


Labs for Chip Card Products

Laboratories conducting certification services or testing for chip card products (e.g. Level 1 contact / contactless, security, functional or physical


Labs for Mobile Products

Laboratories conducting certification services or testing for mobile products (e.g. functional, security, contactless, HCE Level 1)


Labs for HCE Products

Laboratories conducting functional or security evaluations of HCE products


Labs for Point of Sale Products

Laboratories conducting certification services for Level 2 Contactless approval

Download the document below for more information:

Qualified test tools to support issuing or acquiring testing


Issuing Test Tools

Qualified Functional / Personalization Verification (PVT) tools to support testing of American Express card / mobile / HCE products


Acquiring Test Tools

Acquiring test tools to support point of sale testing, including Card Simulators, Host Simulators, Physical Test Cards, Test Plan Evaluation and Transaction Log Capture

Consumer Presented QR

A complimentary payment solution that leverages the point of sale infrastructure for Merchants to scan a QR code generated by the Card Member from their mobile wallet or banking application.

How to Register

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    • Accept Non-Disclosure Agreement and Terms and Conditions.
    • Receive an email notification when your company registration is approved.
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  2. When you have received email confirmation that your company registration was approved, enroll one or more users with a Knowledge Base ID and password to access the AMEX Enabled Dashboard.

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  3. Login to the AMEX Enabled Dashboard where you will find all the information you need develop and certify your solution.

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  4. Complete testing and certification of your solution.

  5. Utilize the AMEX Enabled logo to market your solution and issue a press release with the copy provided in the Brand Guidelines. Your solution will also be added to our online list of approved solutions.

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