Enabling secure digital payments.

Digital technology presents an evolution to the ways people make and accept payments.  We offer issuers, acquirers and merchants different solutions and capabilities to enable digital and mobile payments to happen securely, virtually anywhere. With our experience as an issuer, acquirer and payments network, we have end to end knowledge of the payment ecosystem and know how to help our partners capitalize on the right technologies to stay competitive.

Digital Solutions

Apple Pay

Enable American Express Card Members to tap & pay with Apple devices

Android Pay

Enable American Express Card Members to tap & pay with Android devices

Mobile HCE

Deploy Mobile NFC independent of Mobile Network Operator

Mobile NFC

Increase speed of payment with NFC-enabled devices

Samsung Pay

Enable American Express Card Members to tap & pay with Samsung devices


A protected payment network for everyone

Using our unique perspective as a global issuer, acquirer and payments network, we work with our partners to combat fraud and ensure the right security solutions are in place for their business and their customers. Our solutions utilize the robust capabilities of industry standards and strong authentication methods so our partners can be confident they have effective security solutions in place to build lasting trust with their customers.

Security Solutions

EMV Chip Card Payments

Increase transaction security and effectively combat point-of-sale fraud

Online PIN

Authenticate the Card Member at the Point of Sale, helping to combat fraud

Token Service

Create a secure payment method for online, digital and mobile commerce


Leverage the global industry standard, 3-D SecureĀ®, to reduce online fraud


Enabling worldwide acceptance of secure payments

The American Express Global Network facilitates worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions. Our unique perspective and deep experience as an issuer, acquirer and a global payments network makes us the right partner to help you grow your business. We leverage our global perspective and experience in acceptance to help our partners implement effective solutions that improve the customer experience. 

Acceptance Solutions

Cash Access

A service to provide worldwide cash access for your Card Members

Contactless Payments

Capitalize on the convenience of contactless payment technology

Contactless in Transit

Harness the business potential of contactless payments in transit

Mobile POS

Offer flexible payment acceptance solutions for all business sizes

Developers and Tech Providers

AMEX Enabled

To review all provider products and services used on our Global Network


Deploy American Express products and features with confidence

Internet Direct

Enable fast and encrypted payment processing, with ease

Network Policy

To govern relationships for those using our Global Network

Payment SDK

Help minimize time to build and certify for direct Card transaction processing

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