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American Express and Google Pay

Enable Cardmembers to tap and pay with Android devices for a quick,        touch-free payment experience


Cardmembers with Android NFC-enabled devices running KitKat 4.4 or higher can use their device at Merchants who support American Express contactless payments, and within participating Merchant apps¹ that accept Google Pay and American Express Cards.

Google Pay has a unique feature called rich receipt. By tapping, the transaction notification displays a rich receipt which includes Merchant name, Merchant logo and Merchant contact information displayed on Google Maps. And, just like paying with a plastic American Express Card, Cardmembers who use Google Pay get all the same trusted security, service and benefits of Card Membership.

American Express is available to advise Issuers and Acquirers on how to enable Google Pay² for their customers.

¹ In-app support available November 2015.

² Google Pay is not available in all markets – for more information contact your American Express representative.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.


Address Cardmembers ever-changing needs:

  • As consumers shift to touchless ways to pay, and smartphone usage continues to increase at a rapidly growing rate, digital wallets enable a safer and more convenient payment method.

Secure, contactless payments benefit everyone:

  • Touch-free, safe and secure forms of payment through device-based tokenization, EMV® chip technology, and Consumer Device Cardholder Verification (CDCV).


EMV®  is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere.

Issuers can offer value added services:

  • Helps Issuers capture every day spend for Cardmembers who always carry mobile devices.

  • Integrates with mobile based offers and loyalty programs.

Merchants can provide convenience at the point of sale:

  • Contactless payments increases speed of payment at the Point-of-Sale.

How It Works


Step 1:

Cardmembers add their Card to the Android device.


Step 2:

A PIN, Password or Pattern is used to unlock the device to make a payment.


Step 3:

Cardmembers use the device to tap and pay in store at contactless accepting merchants and select merchant apps.


Step 4:

The payment is confirmed and the transaction notification is made available on Google Pay.


Next Steps

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