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American Express EMV® Chip Card Payments

Take advantage of EMV chip card technology – a global standard in card-present transactions


American Express can help you enable EMV¹ chip cards and terminals which are based on the EMVCo² industry standard set of specifications for chip cards and terminals.

EMV chip cards have an embedded microprocessor chip which increases transaction security by exchanging authentication data with terminals. This makes the chip cards difficult to counterfeit and effectively combats fraud at the Point-of-Sale.


¹ EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo.

² EMVCo is the global technical body that facilitates the worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions by managing and evolving the EMV Specifications and related testing processes.


Help protect your business against fraud

American Express chip cards and terminal specifications help protect against the impacts of fraud by: 

  • Increasing security for all card-present transactions by heightening the level of card authentication. 
  • Deterring counterfeiting and lost/stolen card fraud at the Point-of-Sale. 
  • Deploying EMV specifications, which are a standard for secure payments and a foundation for emerging payment technologies around the world.

Strengthen relationships with your customers

With American Express chip cards and terminals, you have the ability to better serve your customers by: 

  • Providing a more secure payment option. 
  • Enabling them to feel confident using their Card for purchases, potentially driving greater preference and spend. 
  • Giving them the freedom to purchase securely and seamlessly around the world.

Leverage a global standard in card-present security

When you migrate to EMV, you can be confident that you are:

  • Adopting a global standard in payment security. 
  • Working with American Express who is committed to chip cards and aligned with other major networks in supporting EMV standards, interoperability and acceptance globally. 
  • Preparing your business for emerging payments such as contactless and mobile.

How It Works

At the Point-of-Sale, chip cards and terminals interact to ensure a secure transaction.


Card Approval

When the chip Card is inserted into the terminal, the embedded microchip exchanges Card data with the terminal to verify the Card is genuine.


Cardmember Verification

The Cardmember's identity is verified with PIN or Signature and the results of verification can be sent to the Issuer along with additional security information.


Transaction Authorization

The microchip and terminal interact to assess the transaction details, providing Issuers and Merchants better ability to mitigate risk on every purchase.

Next steps

Learn how to certify for EMV chip card payments.

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