Partner Learning Solutions

Flexible, remote learning to effectively do business on the American Express Network.


Network Partner Learning Solutions delivers training and learning resources to on-board new partners and upskill and reskill existing partners so they can successfully operate on the American Express network.


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Whether you want to learn about policies, fraud protection, chargeback and disputes, brand management, or other timely topics, American Express has got your back with a variety of essential learning opportunities to help you grow and manage your business more efficiently.


Network Partner Learning Solutions offers:


  • Online essentials curriculum and webinars, to suit your needs and schedule.


  • Timely, relevant and regularly updated content based on input from partners and changes to the industry landscape.


  • Live webinars you can attend and ask questions to subject matter experts or listen to the on-demand replay.


  • Customized learning tailored and assigned according to your Knowledge Base profile.


With the powerful backing of American Express, we're here to help you learn more about the Network and feel empowered and equipped to successfully perform your role.

Online & Webinars


Learn about the key Business and Operational Policies in six modules that cover more than fifty Network policies related to Operational Compliance, Brand Protection, Fraud Risk, Data Security, Regulation Compliance and Financial Compliance.


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Operations & Services

Learn about the training available to support services you access, reports and processes relevant to operate on the American Express Network.


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Chargeback and Disputes

Learn about the American Express chargeback and disputes process, timeframes, requirements and obtain an overview about ISO Codes.


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  • Category: Chargeback and Disputes

    June, 2022

    Understanding the American Express Chargeback and Disputes Process

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    March, 2022

    The Benefits of SafeKey 2.X and How to Get There

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    February, 2022

    Finding Critical Documents in Knowledge Base

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    November, 2021

    Implementing Digital Wallet Projects With American Express

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    September, 2021

    Navigating the Partner Analytics Center

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  • Category: Marketing

    July, 2021

    Growing Card Acquistition With Member-Get-Member Campaigns

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  • Category: Fraud Risk

    June, 2021

    Fraud Risk Management in an EMV® 3-D Secure (SafeKey) Environment

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  • Category: Marketing

    May, 2021

    American Express Blue Box Line Product Benefits - Roadshow

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    March, 2021

    All You Need to Know About Knowledge Base

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