Mobile HCE from American Express

Leverage Mobile HCE to enable Card Members to tap and pay for a quick, convenient, and touch-free payment experience


Bank Partners have the option of developing and deploying their own mobile pay wallet, which can be downloaded onto HCE Android devices.


HCE based payments use cloud servers to store payment credentials (vs. on the device) enabling Card Members to make a transaction at the Point-of-Sale terminal in a quick, touch-free manner.


  • Issuer branded and controlled


  • Security keys are host based—they store all Card Member’s payment details issued by the bank


  • Issuer controls authentication and provisioning of the Card


  • Can be a new channel used for promotion of new products, services, rewards and loyalty

How It Works

Step 1:

Card Member downloads the wallet app, authenticates themselves and the device and adds the American Express Card to the wallet.


Step 2:

Card Member opens the wallet app with the authentication (device PIN, password, biometrics such as fingerprint, for example) and selects the American Express Card to pay. 


Step 3:

Card Member places their device at the point of sale terminal and the wallet generates the transaction data for authorization.

Next Steps

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