QR Code® Payments with American Express

A simple and touch-free digital payment solution that gives Card Members more flexible payment choices


As payment technology evolves and customers seek new ways to pay, QR Codes are becoming more popular as an alternative solution for Merchants and Issuers to expand their customer’s payment options and use their mobile devices to pay.


American Express offers two QR Code based payment solutions to help Issuers and Acquirers meet the needs of their Card Members and Merchants:


  • American Express Merchant-Presented QR Code: The merchant displays the QR Code in store by form of a decal or through a terminal, and the Card Members uses their smartphone to scan the QR Code.


  • American Express Consumer-Presented QR Code: Card Members generate a QR Code from their mobile wallet or banking app and the Merchant scans the QR Code as a form of payment.


*QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave.


American Express QR Code payment solutions are:


  • Simple: Provides an easy transaction experience


  • Additional Security: A more secure alternative to carrying cash or multiple plastic cards


  • Convenient: Enables Merchants to accept digital payments and reduces Card Member’s reliance on cash

How it Works

Merchant-Presented QR Codes:


A simple payment solution which Merchants display a QR Code to accept payments:


1) The Card Member opens the Issuer banking app on their smartphone and scans the QR Code displayed by the Merchant using the camera.

2) The Card Member enters the transaction amount and confirms the transaction.

3) The Merchant receives a transaction confirmation notification on their mobile app and completes the transaction.


Consumer-Presented QR Codes:


A complimentary payment solution that leverages the point of sale infrastructure for Merchants to scan a QR Code generated by the Card Member from their mobile wallet or banking app:


1)  The Merchant inputs the transaction amount on their terminal to prompt for the QR Code.

2) The Card Member generates a QR Code from the banking app on their smartphone.

3) The Merchant scans the QR Code using a reader or scanner.

4) The Merchant receives a confirmation that the payment has been received and completes the transaction.

5) The Card Member receives a notification confirming the completion of the payment.



Merchant-Presented QR Code solution is relevant in countries where mobile smartphone usage is high and is a cost-effective solution that does not require the infrastructure of a point of sale terminal. 


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Consumer-Presented QR Code solution expands digital wallet capabilities and enables the point of sale terminal to accept digital payments beyond contactless. 


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