American Express Token Service

A suite of solutions that creates a secure payment method for online, digital and mobile commerce


The American Express Token Service makes it possible to replace the actual card account numbers used at the point of sale and online with token numbers.


Services such as token vault, token issuing and provisioning, and token lifecycle management and risk services work to help prevent fraud.


It is available for card Issuers, Acquirers and Merchants on the American Express Global Network.


American Express Token Service provides a secure environment for your customers to make seamless online and mobile payments, with the following benefits:

Digital growth:

Provide your customers with the confidence to conduct transactions online and on mobile payment channels.

Reduce fraud:

Through American Express Token Service, real card account numbers are replaced with tokens that are more secure and may help lower the risk of fraud.


The American Express Token Service is transparent to your customers. It eliminates the need for merchants to store real card account numbers without interrupting the Card Member experience.


Token Service FAQs

Tokenization is a process of replacing a traditional primary account number with a unique surrogate value that may be used to conduct payment transactions. The token is restricted in how it can be used with specific devices, merchants, transaction types or under other conditions.

The American Express Token Service is a suite of solutions that creates a secure payment method for online and mobile commerce.

The American Express Token Service was developed for card issuers, acquirers and merchants on the American Express Global Network.

The services included in the American Express Token Service are a token vault to store and map digital tokens to Primary Account Numbers (PANs), token issuance and provisioning, token lifecycle management and provisioning capabilities and risk services.

Token requestors may be traditional participants within the payments industry or newly emerging participants. Token requestors include but are not limited to:

  • Card-on-file merchants
  • Acquirers, acquirer processors, and payment gateways on behalf of merchants
  • Payment enablers, such as mobile device and application providers
  • Digital and mobile wallet providers
  • Card issuers

Yes, the American Express Token Service supports both Card Present and Card Not Present transactions.

Product Availability

  • This product is available globally.

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