American Express EMV® Secure Remote Commerce

A consistent and more secure online checkout—all in one click to pay experience.


When a customer pays with a Card for a product or service at a Merchant’s physical location, the checkout experience at the PoS terminal is familiar—regardless of the Merchant. That same level of consistency and familiarity is not available when customers checkout online. Often when customers shop online, they are presented with multiple payment buttons with different steps and information requirements, which can be confusing for customers and challenging for Merchants.


EMV® Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) is a technical framework that aims to bring familiarity and consistency to the online checkout experience. Designed to provide payment choice and convenience, SRC enables Merchants to offer multiple card types in an easy, online checkout experience across websites, mobile apps and other digital channels.


*EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark and EMV SRC payment icon are trademarks owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.



  • Every time Card Members recognize the SRC payment icon on a Merchant's checkout, they can benefit from a familiar, convenient checkout experience.


  • Once enrolled, the Card Members' Card information is recognized in SRC system so instead of keying in personal and payment information every time they shop, Card Members can click to pay and quickly check out with their American Express Card.


  • SRC combines both dynamic and encrypted data, an enhanced feature for online transactions, which helps reduce the risk of fraud. In addition, SRC also reduces the need for Merchants to store Card information, which can help protect customer data over time.

How it works

To benefit from the enhanced checkout experience that SRC provides, Issuers can pre-enroll their Card Members' American Express Cards, or Card Members can enroll at checkout by simply inputting their Card information once. When a Card is enrolled, the checkout experience becomes easier and faster with online Merchants.


Here’s how an enrolled Card Member clicks to pay at check out:



1) The Card Member selects the SRC checkout option on a Merchant’s website.


2) In some instances, Card Members may be required to confirm their identity. Once the Card Member is authenticated, the payment cards enrolled in SRC will appear as options to check out.


3) The Card Member selects their Card, confirms the payment and shipping information and completes the transaction.



  • Through American Express interfaces, Issuers can enroll Card data and enable their Card Members’ American Express Cards for use at any Merchant that has enabled a SRC solution.


  • This pre-enrollment can provide Card Members with the most frictionless experience of SRC. 


  • Card Members can also enroll their American Express Card in SRC directly as they are shopping online and encounter a SRC checkout on a Merchant’s web page for the first time. 


  • Contact your American Express Business Representative for more information on how to integrate with American Express and enable American Express Cards for SRC.


  • Merchants can implement SRC by partnering with an SRC Initiator (SRCi) of their choice.


  • The implementation process may differ depending on the SRCi.


  • The SRCi will facilitate the virtual terminal embedded in a Merchant’s checkout to enable payments across multiple networks, including American Express.


  • The SRCi will integrate with the SRC systems from the multiple networks, resulting in a streamlined implementation process for Merchants.


  • There is no change in the authorization and settlement processes for Merchants.


  • The SRC system developed by American Express will eventually be enabled with American Express SafeKey® (3D-Secure). Certified SafeKey Merchants will have the option to request that the SRC system invoke SafeKey on their behalf.


  • Merchants can also choose to use their existing setup to invoke SafeKey on their own.


  • For additional information on SRC participation, please contact your American Express Business Representative.


  • SRCis can initiate the process to integrate with American Express by registering in Amex Enabled:


  • After registration, the SRCi can access the American Express Onboarding Welcome Package which includes integration and specification documents.

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