Cardrefresherâ„  from American Express

Keep business flowing by automatically updating Card account information.


American Express understands how changing Card information affects a business. Situations like a lost, stolen, expired or replaced card can interrupt an expected payment transaction.  Cardrefresher can help avoid these interruptions.


It auto-updates Card information that is out of date and information stored on file for transactions like utility bills, gym membership, subscriptions or online retailers will continue to be processed¹.




¹ Cardrefresher helps you obtain updated Account information when a Cardmember arranges for you: 1) to charge his/her Account at regular intervals and/or 2) to store his/her Account number and charge the Account when the Cardmember requests a product or service in connection with an isolated transaction or transaction that is not otherwise part of a series of transactions to occur at regular intervals.


Cardrefresher benefits:

  • Reduces Payment Disruptions.
  • Streamlines back office operations by lowering the costs associated with tracking down Card information.
  • Easily integrated into the existing billing infrastructure or sent through a secure file transfer connection.

How It Works:

Once the set-up process is completed, subscribers send an initial registry file with the account numbers of American Express customers with whom they have ongoing relationships.


Cardrefresher will monitor this list daily for changes to any customer’s Card information and will send a secure electronic file with any updates found. This file is easily integrated into the existing billing system. 


Cardrefresher will also send a rejection file with any accounts that can’t be updated.


Whenever Subscribers have changes to accounts or need to add or delete an account, a new registry file can be sent with the new Card information.


Cardrefresher is available for U.S. Merchants, Processors, Vendors and Aggregators.


All products and services may not be available to all merchants.

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